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Cody Dakota connects you with the ideas and concepts to help you unlock your Heroic Potential, develop into a Legendary Leadership, so you can EMERGE and become who you were meant to be! We cover Leadership, Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Mindfulness, Productivity, and More! Find out MORE at: http://www.TheLeadership.Guide


April 12, 2019

Cody Dakota, the host of the Emerge Leadership Connection, is currently working on a book called Legendary Leadership: How to Obtain Repeatable Monumental Results which the ideas led to him being nominated for the, "Extraordinarian Award for Coaches with ideas that can change people, businesses and the world for the better".


The concept for the book is to tackle the question of why, even when the world has amazing books, courses, and teachers on leadership, we are still fighting a terrible leadership deficit in the world. Go HERE to see the scary statistics of where our Future is currently headed, as well as the solution that Cody has been dedicating to developing to overcome this challenge.


There are things to look forward to in the future, including:


- Receiving Personalized Signed Copies of the Book

- Getting a Limited Edition LEGENDARY Version of the Book which utilizes a special font scientifically designed to help you remember


- A Mastercourse Behind the Book

- And MORE!


Cody has been devoting his life to understanding leadership at the highest levels, so get ready to reap the amazing benefits which will help you unlock your Heroic Potential, Develop into a Legendary Leader, and EMERGE to become who you were meant to be!